Douglas Andrew Gonzalez
License #00895924

Doug's Philosophy

Doug's philosophy on life and work is pretty simple – “do the right thing.” It was advice he often heard growing up as a child and it stuck.

The business of buying and selling Real Estate is a serious one, and every single step must be taken with a never-failing attention to detail. I represent my clients as though they were members of my own family and pride myself on an unwavering stance of honesty and integrity. -- Doug Gonzalez

Areas of Expertise -- The Mid-Peninsula...

Menlo Park - Atherton - Portola Valley - Woodside - Redwood City - San Carlos - Belmont - San Mateo - Burlingame - Hillsborough - Palo Alto - Mountain View - Los Altos - Los Altos Hills. 

However, if your real estate needs fall outside of these cities, Doug is more than happy to refer his clients to trusted Realtors that service areas beyond these.

Work Experience

Realtor, Coldwell Banker Menlo Park Office -- 1997-Present
Realtor, Cornish & Carey Realtors -- 1991-1997
Real Estate Agent, Century 21 Mutual Realty -- 1985-1990

Professional Affiliations

Real Estate License (1985)
Certified Residential Specialist (1996)
Member of the National Association of Realtors
Member of the California Association of Realtors
Member of Silicon Valley Association of Realtors

Awards & Certifications

2020 International President's Premier
2020 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2019 International President's Elite
2019 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2018 International President's Elite
2018 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2017 International President's Elite
2017 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2016 International President's Elite
2016 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2015 International President's Elite
2015 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2014 International President's Premier
2014 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2013 International President's Premier
2013 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2012 International President's Premier
2012 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2011 International President's Premier
2011 Top 50 of 1,020 Coldwell Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula
2011 Top 100 of 3,818 Coldwell Banker Agents in Norhern California
2010 International President's Elite
2010 Top 100 Coldwell  Banker Agents in San Francisco Peninsula Region
2010 Top 2% of 45,000 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2009 International President's Elite
2009 Top 5% of Northern California Coldwell Banker Agents
2009 Top 2% of 46,000 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2008 Let's Not Talk About It 🙁
2007 International President's Elite
2007 Top 100 Coldwell Banker Agents in San Francisco/Peninsula Region
2007 Top 5% of Northern California Coldwell Banker Agents
2007 Top 1% of 116,000 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2006 International President's Elite
2006 Top 2% of 126,000 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2005 CONGRATULATIONS! Doug celebrates 20 years as a Realtor!
2005 International President's Elite
2005 Top 3% of 126,000 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2004 International President's Elite
2004 Top 4% of 120,000 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2003 International President's Elite
2003 Top 4% of 113,800 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2002 International President's Elite
2002 Top 4% of 90,000 Worldwide Coldwell Banker Agents
2001 International President's Elite
2000 International President's Elite
1999 Number 10 Agent of Highest Producing Coldwell Banker Office in San Mateo County
1999 International President's Elite
1999 Top 10% Company Wide Achievement Award
1998 International President's Elite
1998 Top 10% Company Wide Achievement Award
1997 Top 10% Company Wide Achievement Award
1996 Top 10% Company Wide Achievement Award
1996 Number 3 Agent in Menlo Park Office for Homes Sold
1995 Top 10% Company Wide Achievement Award
1995 Number 4 Agent in Menlo Park Office for Homes Sold
1994 Number 1 Agent at Cornish and Carey for Homes Sold in Redwood City
1994 Number 3 Agent at Menlo Park Office for Homes Sold
1993 Number 2 Agent at Menlo Park Office for Homes Sold
1993 Number 1 Agent at Cornish and Carey for Homes Sold in Redwood City
1987-1990 Gold Associate Honors -top 3% of Worldwide Century 21 Agents


"We met Doug at an open house and were immediately impressed with his knowledge and honesty. His incredible knowledge of the local and hyperlocal real estate market was apparent as soon as we began working together. He is *fantastic* at communication, which is necessary in this competitive market, and just makes everything easier. Doug was always happy to look at homes with us, and use those viewings as an opportunity to teach us about how to assess a house from foundation to roof. Once we decided to place an offer, Doug stayed up very late with us to carefully review the hundreds of pages of disclosures. He was very patient with my *many* many questions. His extensive knowledge of housing structure and repair was incredibly helpful in understanding the importance of all potential issues. He gave excellent guidance, and was very careful not to pressure our decision. Doug is attentive, knowledgeable, and honest- simply the best! "

  -Gary S., Client

"We were a referral from a friend who Doug helped find and purchase their first home two years ago. When we first met Doug, he said something to us that truly resonated - that if he could pick one word to describe his role in our buying process, it would be fiduciary. Fiduciary means the highest legal duty of one party to another, being bound ethically to act in the other's best interests. And that's exactly what Doug did during the buying process with us, building that trust quickly as we found and purchased our home within 2.5 months. We couldn't have done any of this without Doug. He did the inspections with us (again his house knowledge is unmatched), helped us negotiate a lower price, lined up potential folks to get quotes for any work we needed to do, and took time out of his schedule to celebrate with us when we finally got the keys. We feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with Doug and would recommend him to any of our friends and family."

  -Margaret E., Client

"My brother and I have worked with Doug several times over the past 20 years; he helped us both purchase a home, and recently, helped us sell our mother's house. In all of our dealings with Doug, we've found him to be honest, straightforward and attentive. He paid attention to our needs as both a buyer and seller, and was always available to answer our questions. He returned all phone calls and emails the same day, and we never felt neglected or unimportant. He is extremely personable with an engaging personality, which makes working with him a great experience During our preparation for selling our mother's house, Doug went above and beyond as a realtor to make our job easier: he provided a detailed timeline, provided recommendations on improvements to make, and hired numerous contractors on our behalf to help us obtain top dollar for the house. He is hands down one of the best agents in the area, and he will definitely remain our first choice in real estate agents."

  -Carrie S. , Client

"I never quite feel at ease with real estate agents, but Douglas is the picture of honesty and professionalism. He is up front about potential flaws and hidden costs, and picks up on the slightest concerns or discomfort you may have. You will not feel pressured into a purchase with Douglas, he is a wonderful person. He was crucial in helping us make a decision about leasing in Redwood City, and was friendly and available every step of the way."

  -Sam M. , Client

"My husband and I worked with Doug to purchase our home in Burlingame. Doug is an incredibly knowledge and dedicated agent. We were shopping for a home when demand was very high and supply (that fit our criteria) low. Doug helped us navigate through the process and made many helpful suggestions along the way. He was extremely patient and always client-focused as we worked together to find our dream home. Standout qualities for Doug are: 1. knowledge of the real estate market on the Peninsula. He has been doing this for a long time and knows SO MUCH 2. extremely passionate about houses, quality of construction, architecture, etc. 3. dedicated and professional which came through particularly in his interactions with selling agents (which we think provided an advantage to us in the high demand market). We would undoubtedly recommend Doug!"

  -Melissa I. , Client

"My wife and I have worked with several real estate professionals over the years, but it wasn't until we met Doug Gonzalez that we learned what a real partnership was. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting him out at the very first property we were interested in, we knew that working with Doug was going to be a very different experience. We learned more about what to look for in a home in one hour than we had in all our previous home searches. Doug is an incredibly hard worker and tirelessly shared with us specific listings that he thought we be a good fit, met us out at properties we liked at odd times or on a moments notice, challenged us to think about our long term housing goals, and wrote up several late night offers to ensure we put in a competitive bid before a deadline. One of thing things we admire about him most is that he isn't motivated by finding people a home, he is motivated by finding people the right home. "

  -Michael R., Client

"My wife and i have bought and sold eleven homes thus far in our lifetime. We have worked with really good Realtors and unfortunately a few bad ones. Then we were referred to Doug Gonzalez. Doug is in a class way and above anyone we have ever worked with. We lived in LA and we found ourselves coming into a very fierce, competitive market in Menlo Park where multiple offers were the norm. We honestly believe that is was only because of Doug that we were ever able to buy our home in Menlo Park. Doug is extremely hard working, very professional, honest, puts your family first and foremost above anything else, and really knows the market inside and out. He will take you through the buying process end to end seamlessly. Since we had bought the house we stayed in touch with Doug as he is so likable and became our friend. You will be extremely happy to hire a realtor with such energy, integrity, professionalism and friendship It is our pleasure to recommend Doug Gonzalez."

  -Thomas D. , Client

"Doug is a phenomenal real estate agent and trusted advisor. His 20+ years as an agent and property owner in the Bay Area, coupled with his warm people skills, made him the perfect real estate agent for us. We really valued 3 things about Doug: 1) Working with him was an educational experience-- he wanted to ensure we as buyers were fully aware of all the major components of the home buying process. 2) He was honest and always did the right thing-- even if it wasn't in his best interest, he always put us first. 3) He was an amazing listener and was patient-- we didn't know exactly what we wanted and Doug did a great job getting to know us and guide us, while not rushing us. Thanks to Doug, we ended up getting our ideal house and even moderately enjoying the process. We would 110% recommend working with Doug (we can't recommend him highly enough), especially if you are looking for someone how is data-driven, knowledgeable and you can trust"

  -Mary Liz M. , Client

"It's my absolute pleasure to recommend Doug Gonzalez with Coldwell Banker. We interviewed several realtors and found Doug to be honest, dependable, and very knowledgeable. Beyond that, he is a fantastic communicator and incredibly thorough. We met Doug during a difficult time, a death on our family, and he really stepped up for us and took the reigns of our entire project. We would still be waiting to go on the market today if it wasn't for Doug and his team! Doug was the equivalent of a general contractor and realtor on our project. He helped us gather bids, hire and manage all of the subcontractors that worked on the property. He also advised us where, and perhaps more importantly, where not to spend money. We did all of this via calls/emails from another state and it was never a problem because there was always fantastic communication from Doug and his team. They are very thorough and we always felt like we were in good hands. "

  -Ryan and Amanda, Client

"We met Doug a long time ago when he was selling our house (to us). He represented the sellers at the time. When it was time for us to sell the same house, we contacted Doug again as we were so impressed from the first time we saw him help the previous sellers (18 years ago). Doug has been very helpful and professional to us. He took the time to go over the complicated and endless paperwork we have to do, and explained what things meant, and made sure we filled it out correctly. It's very important. Doug helped us hire the right workers to fix up the house to make it more attractive to buyers, including providing us insights from his years of experience on what should be done, what doesn't need to be done, etc. He kept everything on schedule, especially when the preparation was done in a hurry so we could get it sold before the holidays. Doug said that this was the most work in the shortest time to prep a home, and it sold completely successfully! "

  -David M. , Client

"We highly recommend Doug Gonzalez (Coldwell Banker) as the agent of choice for anyone in the mid-Peninsula buying or selling a property. Referred through friends, we recently had Doug represent us in selling our house in San Carlos, which included a 1031 exchange, a complex transaction in which Doug has both personal and professional experience enabling him to provide trustworthy counsel throughout the process. He is professional and personable and acts with the highest integrity, making for a confident, friendly and effective working relationship. Doug educated us upfront to the nuances we might expect with each event from listing agreement on through closing and actively stayed on top of all activities and kept all concerned parties well-informed, which ensured the plan was executed as expected--like clockwork! "

  -Jess W. and Kathy O., Client

"Doug came recommended to us from the realtor we had worked with previously when we bought our first house. While much of the sale was straight-forward we had a specific timeline that we wanted to meet, and Doug delivered! His guidance was critical on where to invest to showcase the property, when to list the house, setting of the offer price, and how to stage the furniture. Doug, of course, handled the fliers (which were amazing) and the open house but it was the multiple offers where Doug's experience brought it all together as there was a lot of information to take in. We appreciate his knowledge in the realty space for helping us navigate these waters and would recommend Doug to anyone looking to sell a home in Palo Alto and surrounding area. "

  -Micheal O., Client

"Doug is as good as it gets, and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. He's very thorough and generous with his time. He explains everything and is extraordinarily knowledgeable. A model of what one should hope to work with when looking for a realtor."

  -Chris L. , Client

"Doug is a gifted, knowledgeable, patient, kind, diligent, and ethical agent. This is a review I've wanted to write for a long time, but I didn't want to jinx our buying process by writing it before we closed escrow on our new home! Shelly and I began looking for a house about fourteen months ago. If you know the Bay Area real estate market, you know what a long and frustrating process this can be. Doug learned what we were looking for and the way we operate. He supported us when we needed it, and set us straight when we were being unrealistic. Doug was our real estate agent, therapist, confidante, and friend. Doug operates with the highest level of professionalism and business ethics. His only interest was finding us the right house at the right price, and he never seemed to have any hidden agenda or interests of his own. We are thrilled with our new home, and Doug has earned our business for life."

  -Steve B., Client

"We are very pleased to recommend Doug Gonzalez and hope you will consider using his services! Doug helped our family sell a San Mateo investment property in 2019. The house was a rental property owned by our family for many years and, although we agreed we wanted to sell, we needed lots of help agreeing on the best approach. We were very impressed with Doug's patience through the long and emotional process. He clearly communicated our options and we felt supported every step of the way. Doug is friendly, professional, prompt, knowledgeable, prepared, and clearly communicates every step of the process. The house sold for more than our asking price and we were extremely happy with the outcome. Doug went above and beyond our expectations and we are so grateful. We couldn't have asked for a better agent and highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!"

  -Megan, Michelle, Mike, and Matt , Client

"Doug's calm expertise steered us well. He was incredibly knowledgeable and specialized in both the territory and inventory, which made us confident in the offers we made. He has a great rapport with other realtors, which you will find to be an extremely important quality in this business in submitting winning offers. We valued Doug's views on the positives AND negatives of a house, and level of resale/desirability. He actually cared for our money like it was his own, keeping a cool head in an insanely overheated market. He would discuss different possible price points on offers, tell us what crazy $$ was and when to walk away. Awesome. His services still continued well after we closed on the house, offering valuable recommendations, plus several lovely surprises (thank you, Doug!) We will be using him for future purchases. "

  -Lola K P. , Client

"I can't say enough good things about this man whom I have done business with for 30 years. If you are able to retain Doug Gonzalez, consider yourself lucky. He is to the core a caring person with integrity who sincerely goes way above and beyond. He is the complete package of all you could want in a realtor. Doug has always been an advocate for me in all property transactions as buyer and/or seller (five transactions to date) while being a great listener, smart, knowledgeable, a fantastic problem solver, responsive, thoughtful, fair to all parties and reliable. I feel I have had the best possible outcome with each transaction because of Doug's know-how and integrity. Thank you Doug for everything."

  -Diane L. , Client

"We have had experiences with a number of different real estate agents. Most made big promises and delivered mediocre service at best. Doug Gonzalez is not your typical agent. He is in a league far above the crowds of agents clamoring for you business. In our case, we had moved out of California so the sale our house had the added complication of geographic distance. Doug and his team were unparalleled in their expertise, communication, professionalism, and speed. Bottom line, if you are looking for peace of mind, honesty, integrity, and someone who truly has your best interests at heart talk would be a mistake not to hire him."

  -Metairie, Client

"Doug was instrumental in negotiating the purchase of our home in Atherton. Real Estate is his passion and he is a Menlo Park resident. We found him very knowledgeable in our target area, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton and Los Altos. Doug is very detailed and takes pride in getting to know his clients quickly and efficiently including what house type they like, and all criteria, to find the perfect match. He also his very knowledgeable about market trends, other agents, and the "deal process" in what we found is a "special situation" market. Demand for houses was / is high and requirements are tough for buyers (quick decision, multiple bids situation, over asking price offers, few or no contingencies etc...). Houses can sell in a few days (with lots of cash buyers in some cases). It's a shock when you come from out of states or a different region of California like us. We would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a home on the Peninsula."

  -Patrick C., Client